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Thursday, 24 September 2020 14:10

Colourbox are pleased to announce a new opening


Colourbox are opening a new Montessori nursery/pre-school in the village of Barrow near Bury St,. Edmunds in January 2021.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.


Congratulations to our Newmarket team and children for achieving our 5th consecutive Ofsted 'Outstanding' (in all areas!) judgement at Newmarket! The Inspector, who visited us on 18th December 2019, commented that "The provider and the management team are absolutely committed to pursuing excellence in all that they do..." "Staff are highly trained and knowledgeable" and that "Children behave exceptionally well" and "..they beam with pride as staff acknowledge their achievements”.

At Colourbox Montessori we use a secure online platform called Blossom to record the development of your child. Through Blossom we track and understand your child’s learning more effectively and build strong, trusting parent partnerships by sharing their development with you, allowing you to be more involved in your child’s journey through nursery with us.

At Colourbox we use Stave House to teach children the skills that will help them to read, write and play music - a wonderful musical foundation!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 09:35


Colourbox is now using Blossom's online recording system at all of our settings. 

Blossom Educational’s revolutionary Parent App lets nurseries and parents to work together to enhance their children’s learning and development. 

Our Parent App means that with the press of a button, parents can be kept updated with their children’s progress. They can receive updates, including photos and observations of their children. Parents are able to view their children’s ‘next steps’ to see how they are progressing, and help them to continue their development at home. 

"We will never be able to express how much Colourbox Montessori, and especially our son's teacher, have meant to us all as a family. Thanks to your constant efforts Aidan is well prepared for school and for future learning"

Jo Ferreira

"Our daughter chooses to go to Colourbox over having a day off - giving us reassurance about the decision we made over 3 years ago when she first started. Her primary school has a huge act to follow! We will be very sad to move on but we do so knowing that Gabriella has the background to do well. Thank you Colourbox!"

Rebecca Wilson

"Having started in The Nest right through to The Ocean room we are genuinely sad to be at the end of Archie's Colourbox journey. We knew nothing about Montessori at first, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing start that it has given him."

Maxine Thornhill