Tuesday, 18 September 2018 09:35

'My Montessori Child'

Colourbox uses the exciting 'My Montessori Child' online recording system at all three of our settings. This enables parents to be even more involved in their child's learning.

My Montessori Child enables teachers to record observations of children’s activities in a manner that’s faithful to Dr Montessori’s method, principles and values, and automatically uses those observations to track Montessori progress, to generate statutory Department for Education reports on child development, to support teacher planning, and to facilitate parent-teacher collaboration in furthering a child’s progress.

The ultimate beneficiaries of the system are the children, for several reasons: teachers spend less time on record-keeping, giving them more face-to-face time with the children; teachers receive deep and comprehensive insights on how to support each child’s unique learning journey; and parents are shown how to offer complementary learning opportunities to their children when they’re at home.

My Montessori Child is delivered as cloud-computing on multiple platforms, rather than as a standalone application. It is now in widespread use in schools across England and Wales, and increasingly in the USA and Europe. Colourbox fully complies with GDPR.

"We will never be able to express how much Colourbox Montessori, and especially our son's teacher, have meant to us all as a family. Thanks to your constant efforts Aidan is well prepared for school and for future learning"

Jo Ferreira

"Our daughter chooses to go to Colourbox over having a day off - giving us reassurance about the decision we made over 3 years ago when she first started. Her primary school has a huge act to follow! We will be very sad to move on but we do so knowing that Gabriella has the background to do well. Thank you Colourbox!"

Rebecca Wilson

"Having started in The Nest right through to The Ocean room we are genuinely sad to be at the end of Archie's Colourbox journey. We knew nothing about Montessori at first, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing start that it has given him."

Maxine Thornhill