Why Choose Colourbox?

Why Colourbox

Deciding whether a nursery will suit your child does not come down to a checklist. I started Colourbox Montessori in 1990 because I realised that many of the existing Montessori Schools did not meet the needs of working families. I recognised that whilst parents were looking for a nursery where their children had access to a wide variety of inspirational learning opportunities, flexibility was also important.

Here at Colourbox we take a highly positive approach to learning and in providing a peaceful, stimulating, safe environment, where caring is paramount, we encourage each child to develop respect for each other, the world that surrounds them and, most importantly, themselves. We believe that education for peace should begin at birth.

Colourbox will help your child build the foundations of a lifetime of creative learning, based on these basic and important principles:

  • That each child is unique and that every effort should be made to help each child develop to their fullest potential.
  • To encourage a love and respect for the natural world in which we live – through a sensorial approach to learning, so developing a foundation of knowledge and hope for the future.

Colourbox Montessori School has seen very real evidence of the benefits of Montessori education – over the past years it has often been stated by parents that  children who spend their formative years in our Montessori settings become more independent and self-motivated. They love learning and can interact socially with grace and courtesy.

Our guides are trained to use appropriate language and reasoning skills to assist your child's progression. By offering simple ground rules, and allowing your child to develop at their own pace with gentle encouragement and direction, we help your child to hone the key social and personal skills that they will need for life.

When your child joins one of our nurseries you will be provided with everything you need to know about day-to-day matters within the nursery. We are always available to discuss any points on which you require additional information, and we will provide you with information about the Montessori Philosophy and how you can support your child's learning at home.

Come and visit us and let us show you how our Montessori schools will help your child to remain ….'Excited about learning, excited about life'!

Susie Norman, Int. Mont. Dip., CEA
Director and Founder.

"We will never be able to express how much Colourbox Montessori, and especially our son's teacher, have meant to us all as a family. Thanks to your constant efforts Aidan is well prepared for school and for future learning"

Jo Ferreira

"Our daughter chooses to go to Colourbox over having a day off - giving us reassurance about the decision we made over 3 years ago when she first started. Her primary school has a huge act to follow! We will be very sad to move on but we do so knowing that Gabriella has the background to do well. Thank you Colourbox!"

Rebecca Wilson

"Having started in The Nest right through to The Ocean room we are genuinely sad to be at the end of Archie's Colourbox journey. We knew nothing about Montessori at first, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing start that it has given him."

Maxine Thornhill