"The Children's House" Nursery at Red Lodge 

Opened in April 2018, 'The Children’s House' at the Millennium Centre is one of 2 Colourbox settings in Red Lodge – the other being 'Colourbox @St. Christopher's'. At The Children's House we follow Maria Montessori’s ideal of a family-type environment where children from 12 months to 5 years play and learn together. This is beneficial for the younger children because they can observe and learn from the older children, while the older children benefit from consolidating their learning through teaching the younger children. We seek to promote independence, self-motivation, a love of learning, social interaction and grace and courtesy. This is progressed through reasoning, simple ground rules and allowing the children to develop at their own pace with gentle encouragement and direction. The Children’s House is bright, beautifully arranged and designed for your child’s comfort, security and enjoyment with doors opening onto our own enclosed garden. The activities are arranged on low shelving units within easy reach of even the smallest child and they may choose to work uninterrupted at tables or on small mats on the floor where they are naturally comfortable. The pace is unhurried and although our curriculum is structured, each child moves through it at his or her own pace and a quiet area is available in case your child needs to rest. We seek to encourage a love and respect for the natural world in which we live, and our close proximity to the historic 28-hectare heathland makes this an ideal place for children to learn about nature conservation.

The entrance to our nursery is to the right of the Centre’s main doors and there is ample off-street parking. Opening times are from 7.30 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday, all year round except Bank Holidays. All snacks and meals are prepared and cooked on site. Children may attend full-time or part-time from approximately 16 months of age, depending on your child’s developmental needs. Please note that our Newmarket and Haverhill nurseries accept children from the age of 3 months.

Red Lodge Colourbox
Red Lodge Colourbox
Red Lodge Colourbox

Colourbox @ St. Christopher’s

“Colourbox @ St.Christopher’s” is a Montessori pre-school setting for children who are in receipt of Early Years Funding and who will therefore shortly be entering a primary school reception class. Although most children in this setting will be joining St. Christopher’s School, children who will be going to other schools are also welcome.

The pre-school is in the grounds of St. Christopher’s School and comprises a bright classroom equipped with high-quality Montessori materials, adjoining a large secure garden/outdoor learning area.

Colourbox Montessori School is an inclusive setting which embraces children of all abilities. Children are encouraged to make their own decisions and we let their personalities shine!

We embrace the Early Years Foundation Stage framework 2017.

Red Lodge Colourbox
Red Lodge Colourbox

"We will never be able to express how much Colourbox Montessori, and especially our son's teacher, have meant to us all as a family. Thanks to your constant efforts Aidan is well prepared for school and for future learning"

Jo Ferreira

"Our daughter chooses to go to Colourbox over having a day off - giving us reassurance about the decision we made over 3 years ago when she first started. Her primary school has a huge act to follow! We will be very sad to move on but we do so knowing that Gabriella has the background to do well. Thank you Colourbox!"

Rebecca Wilson

"Having started in The Nest right through to The Ocean room we are genuinely sad to be at the end of Archie's Colourbox journey. We knew nothing about Montessori at first, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing start that it has given him."

Maxine Thornhill